Meeting 2018-09-17


  • Derek: developer
  • John: sysadmin
  • Other fractional FTE TBD


  • UChicago
  • UNL
  • Michigan


  • Meshes to be defined

Completed items

  • Initial web presence
  • Google groups
  • Github organization

Discussed items

  • Where to share project internal documentation/credentials?
    • Google docs for detailed internal topology?
    • Shared LastPass folder for secrets?
  • Expanding web presence
    • Shawn: Create github PR and Derek will review
    • Logo, both text and graphical
    • Pointers to existing OSG network docs
      • Data pipeline
      • Type of data
      • Goals of SAND
      • Description of analytics platform
      • Overview of pieces and plans
      • Diagrams from proposal
  • Upcoming meetings
    • Will be held on Zoom
    • Data and pipeline meeting led by Shawn
      • What is the current current configuration
      • How is it accessed
      • Derek: Will start empty component documentation in SAND GDocs and share with team. To be edited during next meeting.

SAND Overview

OSG Networking++: Overlaps with things OSG networking has done, but extending into new areas:

  • Data pipelines
  • Take over maintenance of upload mechanisms, migrating from RSV to perfSonar pushing to MQs
  • Visualization components at UChicago
  • Data analysis at UMich