Meeting 2018-09-24


  • Brian Bockelman
  • Derek Weitzel
  • John Thiltges
  • Shawn McKee

Discussed items

SAND architecture

  • Reviewed SAND pipeline historical design
  • Worked on documentation for each service component:
    • Owner and description
    • Access info, who and how (either admin or user)
    • How to verify component is working
    • Monitoring info, is it monitored? How are we alerted if it gets bad data
  • Shawn demo’ed of existing interface
    • psconfig
      • Tool can be used to send mesh data to multiple destinations
      • RabbitMQ functionality is new and may need testing
    • psetf
      • Monitoring of pS infrastructure
  • How to authenticate data sources for submission to RabbitMQ?
    • Update IP restrictions based on psconfig API data
    • Measurement results are stored with an IP address
    • psconfig lookup service associates UUID with source info
    • psconfig relies on DNS for associating IP with name

New items

  • Complete documentation for each service component
  • Shawn: Are there perfSonar records in Nebraska ElasticSearch? Derek: There don’t appear to be at present.
  • Explore authentication options for sending site data to RabbitMQ
    • IP restrictions based on psconfig API data?
  • How to send check_mk status info from Nebraska to OSG perfSonar ETF?
    • LiveStatus API?
  • John: Send Edgar a friendly hello and request to complete document

Existing items

  • Expanding web presence
    • Shawn: Create github PR and Derek will review
    • Logo, both text and graphical
    • Pointers to existing OSG network docs