Meeting 2018-10-22


  • Shawn
  • Derek
  • Edgar
  • Garhan
  • John

Discussed items

SAND update presentation review from Shawn

  • Presentation
  • Reporting data from pS nodes directly to message bus: Tell each toolkit node to send it’s data not only to the local ESMond as well as a RabbitMQ bus. The question is now to do it securely
    • Option: Send the credentials to a host that asks for their own mesh configuration. (Verify by matching source IP).
      • perfSonar developers were hesitant: Everything is stored in MongoDB. Never intended to store anything secure or private.
    • perfSonar dev suggestion: Create an RPM file in a password protected repo.
      • Still have a similar problem: There’s a challenge to get users to update their RPMs.
    • Will continue to discuss options and possibilities.
    • Derek: Prefers user/password over firewall rules. Client certs are not straightforward on the MQ side.
    • John: How about a site-specific “JSON augmentation plugin”? The pS mesh config generator calls user-defined code which returns additional JSON to be merged into the generated config.
  • Near-term plans and status: Alarming dashboards, route correlation, and alerting systems
  • Demonstrated the MWT2 Atlas Kibana site and perfSonar ETF site

Action items

  • Shawn: RabbitMQ authentication. Will contact Andy, Mark, and Michael with the possibility of augmenting the JSON stream bus as a plugin.
  • Everyone: Review links at the end of the presentation and consider how the data can be incorporated into SAND
  • Derek: Will research tape replay and estimate the scope of the project

Existing items


  • Action item: Reactivate HTCondor TCP statistics
    • (Unassigned)
  • Monitoring
    • The pipelines and the contents of the pipelines
    • Nebraska will be responsible for the “plumbing” monitoring?
      • MQ status
      • Confirmation of flow with test messages
    • Shawn has experience with monitoring the data quality
    • John: Come up with Nagios probes list for infrastructure
    • Derek: Spreadsheet of collectors reporting to central collector
  • Derek: Will look at the RSV code and estimate the development effort
  • Expanding web presence
    • Shawn: Create github PR and Derek will review
    • Logo, both text and graphical
    • Pointers to existing OSG network docs
  • Complete documentation for each service component
  • How to send check_mk status info from Nebraska to OSG perfSonar ETF?
    • LiveStatus API?