Meeting 2019-02-25


  • Derek
  • Shawn
  • John


  • Background on psetf authentication
    • Maps any IGTF x509 certificate to user
    • Maps special DNs to admin
    • Apache configuration plus minimal check_mk configuration
  • Shawn recommended check_mk business intelligence
    • Shows a roll-up of status
    • Allows you to drill down into the details of what is broken
    • The whole pipeline could be an “OSG network pipeline” that’s green/yellow/red
      • Could then drill down into individual components
  • Derek’s comments
    • OSG needs to have a separate check_mk at Nebraska
    • May have to have a focus on identifying (or writing) check_mk tests for components
  • Shawn recommended check_mk >= 1.5.0p12 for monitoring of Docker/Kubernetes services

RSV and data collection

  • Correction from Shawn:
    • s/PerfSonar/perfSONAR/g. It’s an acronym
  • New collector seems to be working fine
    • No issues noted during Nebraska network maintenance
  • New pS plugin to allow host-specific includes to mesh config
    • Estimated to be included in late spring pS release
  • Action items:
    • Derek: Move perfSONAR collector repo to sand-ci GitHub org
    • Derek: Make a sand-ci Docker org
    • Derek: Confirm summary records aren’t being sent to the MQ