Meeting 2019-04-08


  • Brian
  • Derek
  • John

perfSONAR collector

  • Stability
    • Collector is failing periodically, apparently due to Docker firewall rules vanishing
    • How to make the error more visible and improve monitoring?
    • Add alerting to OSG check_mk (Derek)
  • Rename the host to remove historical “RSV” (Derek)
  • Add ASN to collected data

check_mk authentication

  • Initial setup with UNL’s Gitlab instance, allowing InCommon logins
  • Planning to migrate to CILogon OIDC
    • Eventual integration with COmanage for authZ?

Outstanding action items

  • Service status format changes (Huijun) - 2019-04-01
    • Two tables:
      • Table of SLA services vs non-SLA services?
      • Comma-separated list of those meeting the SLAs
      • All the services in a table sorted by uptime
    • In progress and awaiting feedback
  • Pick the four most important services and have them captured by check_mk - 2019-04-01
  • Link presentations from the SAND website (Shawn) - 2019-03-25
  • Find a week in May that would work for a Chicago meeting (Derek) - 2019-03-25