Meeting 2020-04-15


  • Brian
  • Derek
  • John
  • Soundar
  • Ilija


ESnet data

  • Soundar completed testing of sending ESnet data to MQ
  • Timestamps
    • Soundar will confirm that ESnet data uses UTC

Case studies

  • Shawn is working on IPv6 writeup
  • Waterloo writeup for website is merged

HTCondor monitoring and emails

  • Derek updated the email format and fixed dashboard
  • Will send weekly emails to SAND team list

Ongoing topics

XRootD TCP statistics

  • Andy wrote plugin infrastructure, to be merged in XRootD v5
  • Will require a plugin (shared library) to be developed

ESnet data

  • Collector on github
  • Uses Netbeam API
  • Have access to SNMP (over 9022 interfaces)
  • Data: traffic (2 years); errors, discards (1 month)
  • Size: About 1GB/mo
  • Working on reviewing schema and moving into production
  • Don’t send to tape now. Wait until we’re ready to move to production.

Sending HTCondor data to both ES instances

  • Chicago ES is newer, and plans to use newer features (ILM)
  • This incompatible with ES on the older GRACC instance
  • Should the data go to tape? Est. around couple hundred MB/day
    • Consensus is yes!

Case studies

  • U Waterloo writeup is complete
  • Purdue/FNAL, Madison, and throughput writeup is in progress
  • Make a recorded session
  • Convert into webpage, add to SAND website (John)

Tape replay

  • Now sending Jan 2019
  • Wrote email of replay overview (John with Derek)