Meeting 2018-11-19


  • Brian
  • Edgar
  • John

Action items

  • Edgar: Will contact John Hicks regarding setup of a pS mesh config for getting I2 data and NRP data into archive
  • John: Will create spreadsheet outlining Nagios probes for project services (both Nebraska and other sites)
    • Will follow up with Chicago and Michigan to fill in gaps

Existing items

  • Test RabbitMQ functionality by manually configuring an endpoint
    • There might be issues vs how the RSV probes collect data. Selection of topics?
    • Need to ensure data format is the same in RSV and MQ endpoints
  • Shawn: RabbitMQ authentication
    • Shawn discussed the possibility of a plugin functionality with the pS developers, and they seemed open to the idea.
    • Keeps them out of the business of storing credentials
    • Will follow up after next developer meeting
  • Derek: Will research tape replay and estimate the scope of the project
    • Also need a method to verify that the data was played back
  • Reactivate HTCondor TCP statistics
    • Derek created a spreadsheet of HTCondor submitters that are no longer reporting to the GRACC ES.
    • None are reporting now
    • How to get data onto the bus?
    • Derek has Edgar’s docs
  • Monitoring
    • The pipelines and the contents of the pipelines
    • Nebraska will be responsible for the “plumbing” monitoring?
      • MQ status
      • Confirmation of flow with test messages
    • Shawn has experience with monitoring the data quality
    • John: Come up with Nagios probes list for infrastructure
    • Derek: Spreadsheet of collectors reporting to central collector
  • Derek: Will look at the RSV code and estimate the development effort
  • Expanding web presence
    • Shawn: Create github PR and Derek will review
    • Logo, both text and graphical
    • Pointers to existing OSG network docs
  • Complete documentation for each service component in architecture document
  • How to send check_mk status info from Nebraska to OSG perfSonar ETF?
    • LiveStatus API?